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RLI Session / Event Pictures 2009 - 2013

5-4-13 RLI Graduates in Peabody w/Greg Roche & David Sampson

10-12_Wilkes Barre RLI Graduates. Back row (L to R)); Roger Mattes, Mitchell Morgan, Paul Saxon, RVC and PDG(7410) Paul Muczynski, Gary Fedorcha, John Begley, K. William Bartier. Front row (L to R); Ken Chapple, DG (7410) Art Peoples, Karen Fuller, Karen DeMatteo, District (7410) RLI Chair Al Noble

4-13-12 Third phase Graduates from Owego RLI-NEA session.

L to R: Deb Glisson, D7150 RLI Chair, Marcellus RC; Jana Haldenwang, Canastota RC; Phyllis Danks, Marcellus RC; Mary Earl, Cooperstown RC; Dave Casscells, West Winfield RC; Gordie Howard, Tully RC; Joyce Midlam, Rome RC; Andrea Stoeckel, Eastwood RC; Sue Reisman, DeWitt RC; John Borst, Dryden, Ontario, Candada, & Ward Vuillemot, Actin RVC, Skaneateles RC

3-24-12 Third phase Graduates from Owego RLI-NEA session. Front row: Karen Sharkey, Ithaca RC; Ann Marie Hautaniemi, Lansing Ithaca RC; Bob Ross, District Governor. 2nd row: Tracy Kurtz, Dryden RC; Matt Adler RLI Coord D-7170. 3rd row: Evan Kurtz, Dyrden RC; Jack O'Sullivan, Owego RC; Linda Brisson, Owego RC. 4th row: James Sprague, Nimmonsburg RC; Brian Buttner, Dryden RC; Jerry Gortner, RLI Reg Vice Chair

11-11 Part III Graduates from RLI Wilkes-Barre, PA . Front row: (L to R) Dist. Governor Paul O'Malia; Ruth Gorski, Tunkhannock; Lisa Finkelstein, Hazelton; Rick Munson, The Stroudsburgs; Martin Reynolds, Unknown club; District RLI Chair Al Noble. Back row: Regional Vice Chair (RLI) Jerry Gortner; Sharon Generotti, Tunkhannock; Jerry Panisak, Hazelton; Loyd Randall, Dallas; AG John Davis, Mt. Pocono; Don Demarest, Trail.

4-11 Here the Part III Graduates from RLI Verona: First Row: Sherry Menninger, Anna Marie Neuland, PDG Dave Reynolds, Judith Reilly, Marilyn Anderson; Second Row: LeAnne Preston, William Tuthill, Karin Tuthill, Third Row: Ed Jekel, Dan Meyers, Valerie Collins, DG D-7150 PJ Scott, Randy Light, Jim Eklund

3-26-11 Owego, NY. Front L to R: Bonnie Mandyck D7170, DGE Paul O'Malia D7410; RVC/PDG Dave Reynolds D7170; Heidi Goldstein RLI Chair D7170; Sandy Peoples D7410. 2nd row L to R: DGN Art Peoples D7410; Tom Hranek D7170, Kelly Sue Comfort D7120; 3rd row Jonathan Knight D7150, Michel Ebbers D7170

11-10 RVC Chair PDG Dave Reynolds reports there were 103 attendees with 14 Part III Grads at the Canandaigua RLI session.

10-10 Bermuda RLI-NEA Session with (back row, middle) D-7230 District Governor George Camp; D-7170 PDG Dave Reynolds; D-7150 PDG Marlene Brown; D-7230 RVC Keith Clifton; and the Part I. participants

10-10 Bermuda RLI-NEA Session (back row, L to R) D-7120 Facilitator Robert Walton; D-7230 District Governor George Camp; D-7170 Facilitator PDG Dave Reynolds; D-7150 Facilitator PDG Marlene Brown; D-7230 RVC Keith Clifton; Facilitators Helen Lynch & Peggy Mader & Part II. participants in front row

10-23-10 Above: Taking part in a Bermuda End Polio event, L to R: DG George Camp; Bermuda's infamous Johnny Barnes; Robert Walton; an RLI-NEA participant & Bermuda RVC Keith Clifton. Right: D-7230 PDG Joe Clark & D-7150 PDG Marlene Brown

10-30-10 Thirty participants attended Parts I, II and Graduate at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Somerset, NJ, with RVC PDG Yvette Palmer. Above, Part I class.

10-8-10 the Mt. Laurel RLI sessions produced 12 new Part III Graduates. There were 75 participants, including D7500’s DG Horton Hickerson in Part I. Faculty included VC PDG Toni McAndrew, RVC PDG Yvette Palmer, PDG Ann Keim, PDG BJ Metz, PDG Bernadette Jennings, D7640 Gov CarolAnn Jeronimo, D7430 Gov Bill Palmer, and D7640 site chair Ron Pritchett.

Past RLI NEA Chair PDG Dan Spencer served as Faculty and delivered a stirring talk at lunch.

100 Rotarians from 7 Rotary districts participated in the 9-25-10 RLI training sessions in King of Prussia, PA. 6 of these Rotarians graduated. Above: D7450 Joan Batory, L. RVC Yvette & D7430 DG Bill Palmer R.; PDG Dan Spencer was trainer of RLI Faculty

3-20-10 RLI Owego graduates; L to R: Row 4, Laura Costello, Owego; May O'Malley, Roxbury; Row 3, Nigel Foundling, N. Lebanon PA; Heidi Goldstein, D-7170 Chair; Joanne Lamoureux, Ithaca; Row 2, Sam Koury, DG; Dave Reynolds, RVC Upstate NY; Row 1, Bill Masterson, Cortland; Ed Finkbeiner, Cortland am

2-27-10 recent District 7950 graduates from RLI Part III held in Lincoln, RI. L to R: Beth Griffin, IPP Bourne Sandwich, Natalie Furtado, North Providence, Pam Burkett, North Providence, Terry H, DG, The Bridgewaters, Dave Bisbee, Pres. Yarmouth, Pat Desharnais, PE, Bourne Sandwich, Mac Smith, Pres. Bourne Sandwich, Tina Vangel, Pres. Scituate, RI
2-27-10 Pictured on the Left: Mike McGovern, PRIVP and PRID, District 7780, South Portland Cape Elizabeth Rotary Club; Gordon Simons, District 7950, Sharon Rotary Club; Linda Doliber, District 7930, Marblehead Harbor, MA Rotary Club; Doug Detweiler, District 7910, Concord MA Rotary Club; Vera Cassinelli, District 7910, Milford, MA Rotary Club; Terry Humfryes, DG, District 7950, The Bridgewaters Rotary Club; Val Perry, PP, District 7950, E. Providence/Seekonk Rotary Club; Mark Linde, AG, District 7950, Brockton Rotary Club; Rick Vallee, District 7910, Montachusett Area, MA Rotary Club; "Fraffe" Welch, District 7930, Marblehead Harbor, MA Rotary Club; Alan Hurst, PDG District 7980, East Hampton, CT Rotary Club

RLI - 4-09 Verona, NY - Graduate Class: L-R Front Row: RLI Trainer PDG Marlene Brown, Clinton NY; Hal Brown, Tully NY; DGE Fred Cholet, DeWitt, NY; Back Row: Deirdre Purdy, Oriskany Falls NY; Dr. Tony Piana, Little Falls NY; Donna Schonewetter; Rome NY; Dennis Schonewetter, Rome NY; Robert Brilling, Malta Sunrise NY; RLI Trainer PDG David Reynolds, Binghamton NY

RLI - 4-09 Verona, NY - Part III participants. Front Row L-R: RVC PDG Jerry Gortner, Canastota NY; Fred Bailey, Chittenango NY; PDG Mike Occhipinti, Rome NY; Deb Glisson, Marcellus NY; Martie Fischer, Canastota NY; Back Row L-R: DG Larry Calabrese, Utica NY: Dave Kobernuss, Rome NY; Barb Albrecht, Hamilton NY; Tammy Ferrell, Marcellus; DGN Paul Scott, Eastwood NY.

10-31-09 RLI RVC Yvette Palmer and D7430 RLI Chair, Linda Young, and the D7450 Chair, Lyn Church, put on a fabulous RLI event at the Valley Forge Conference Center in King of Prussia, PA.

There were 21 graduation pins and certificates awarded at the Lunchtime ceremony by DG Mike McCarthy and DG Al Marland.

10-31-09 RLI KOP: There were 122 participants, 14 faculty and two others that made it all happen. There were 3 part I's, a Part II, and III and a Graduate session.

10-9-10 RLI-NEA Officers at Zone 28-29; L to R. PDG Jerry Gortner, PDG Marlene Brown, PDG Eric Parker

’09 Youngwood Graduating Class: Kelly Wike, RVC; Bill Price (Washington); Maria Fetock (Brownsville); Barb Fleming (Mountain View); Joe Horency (Latrobe); Chandrasiri Jayakody (Mountain View); Susan Priest (Washington); Frank Aiello, DG 7330. Kelly proudly reports that this is the first graduating class for District 7330.

January 2010 Officers Winter Meeting, Fishkill, NY
Clockwise Jerry Gortner, Marlene Brown, Knut Johnsen, Ed King, Dorothy Kappenburg, Toni McAndrew, David Linett, Tam Mustapha, Ann Keim, Dave Reynolds (out of site on the right: Eric Parker)

July 2006 Annual Officers Committee Meeting, Newburgh, NY
Clockwise Jerry Gortner, Ward Vuillemot, Knut Johnsen, Tom Voorhees, Marlene Brown, Frank Wargo, Leon Horwitz, Dan Spencer, Frank Collins, Toni McAndrew, Ann Williams, Mike McGovern, Jean-Louis Nicknair, Fred Carvin, Tam Mustapha